Thursday, April 21, 2011

Elle and Easton

The other day I had the chance to go out on a little impromptu shoot with these little cuties!  Mama wanted some pictures of the kids, and especially her little guy, Easton, to remember him at one year old.  It as pretty cloudy, but the sun came out for a little while, and we took advantage of it.  The kids were great!  Miss Elle is full of spunk and personality, and her sass definitely came through in pictures... I love it!  Little Easton is the sweetest little mellow fellow.  He just wanted to snuggle and kiss the whole time.  What a sweetheart!  We had a great time, and definitely snagged some great photos of the kids and these wonderful spring colors!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Eden and Candace

I am so happy to be doing some more exciting work with the amazing, Tonya!  We are starting a series of mentoring sessions to get me ready for some really fun shoots with her this summer!  Our first play session was this week, and she and I had the best time scheming, planning, and creating a wonderful romantic shoot.  I suggested using my sweet little Candace, and her boyfriend, Eden, for this shoot, and Tonya readily accepted...they were perfect.  You see, Eden and Candace have spent the last two and a half years of their young lives loving each other...

They are a perfect compliment to each other, and one of the happiest little pairs I've met.  So comfortable, and enamored with each other... it was so sweet, and refreshing to see.

{This black and white shot was definitely a favorite from the day... when they thought we were changing things around on our cameras and not paying attention we did happen to catch a few pictures of them being "them"...see what I mean?  Can't you just feel it?  Love that love...}

These two were so fun to watch.  Candace seemed so miniature standing next to her man, with that porcelain skin and those striking blue eyes.  Eden seemed to tower over her, but was always so gentle and tender... such a protector of his little love. 

There were so many great shots of them laughing.  It was so obvious that they are just so happy together...

This shoot came at an especially great time for these two love birds.  In the next week Eden will leave for two years to serve a mission for his church.  It was obvious that these two are very connected to each other, and that this next two years will definitely test and try them.  But Eden will be an amazing missionary, and draw many people to him with his sincere, fun loving, kind nature.  I know that they will remain connected, and will both learn and grow so much while they are a part.  I am already anticipating his return, and watching them love each other for many more years!

Friday, April 1, 2011


I was so excited to get an email last week from the mother of the gorgeous Ramos Family.  She was pregnant at our December family session, and called with the news that their sweet new baby girl was here, and she needed newborn pictures done.  I was over the moon to get an excuse to meet their new baby girl, and also to get my camera on, what I was sure, was another one of their gorgeous babies.  Well sweet little Sofia did not disappoint.  I couldn't have handpicked a more beautiful baby girl.  She was the perfect little model for the entire session, and it feels like almost every picture we took was a "favorite."  I had the hardest time narrowing my selections down because we had such an amazing session.  I can't wait to watch this little beauty grow!