Thursday, August 25, 2011

JD and Katie

This shoot was so emotional for me... from conception to the finished product.  Katie is as close to a sister as you can get for me, and we've known each other for our entire lives.  The journey to her getting pregnant has been a long, tumultuous, and often tear-filled one.  We have all been silently rooting and waiting (along with many others) for this time to come for both JD and Katie.  When she finally told me her news I could hardly believe that this was it... the time was now!  And then when she told me that she was having twins, well, I cried like a baby.

Their road was littered with painful tears for so long, but now the joyful, thankful tears are taking their place. It feels like the whole world is excited for JD and Katie and the lucky girls who will get to call them "Mom" and "Dad" in just a few months.  And those two truly couldn't be any luckier... Not only will they have the most wonderful, fun loving, patient, and humorous dad... They'll have a beautiful, tender, nurturing mother to love and guide them through this crazy life.  The best part of all is that those girls are coming to a family to be loved by two parents who love each other so much.  JD has always adored Katie, always bringing a smile to her face, and a laugh to her belly.  She still glows when he's around... I can't imagine any better setting for two little lives to begin...

JD and Katie-

I know there were questions about whether or not this was in the cards for you... lots of prayers were prayed on your behalf, and tears shed for the pain you felt while you waited.  Even as we all imagined what this time would be like if it came, I don't think any one of us thought it could be this good.  The love, the thankfulness, you feel for your sweet girls is palpable.  The happiness is tangible.  Happy is an understated word.  Because "happiness" when it feels like this... to be so happy... that is rare, and it is wonderful.  This is a blessing of everlasting proportions, and one that I, for one, cannot wait to enjoy along with you.  I can't wait to watch you embrace your roles as parents, and to laugh your way through the bumps together.  The time is here... enjoy every little piece of it.  You were made for happiness like this!


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