Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh happy day! John's birth story

Everyone should have a friend like Emily.  She is the most sincere, true blue friend you could ever ask for. Anything we do together is fun, and I know that if I ever needed anything, no matter what it was, or what time of day I called on her, she would make it happen.  When she asked me to be a part of her birth story, I jumped at the chance.  Having been on the receiving end of her never failing thoughtfulness so many times, I was thrilled to get the chance to repay the debt in some small way.  Being able to be there as she brought her second baby, and first son, into this world was an honor... and I felt like even though I had entered the room with the intention of giving her a gift, being there during that time was much more of a gift for me than my pictures could be for her!

As you will see, little baby John has been welcomed into a family who is overjoyed to have him.  His birthday was such a happy day!  Johnny and Emily smiled through her quick, almost painless labor (thank you epidural!), smiled through the birth, and haven't stopped smiling since.  

There is something magical about the first moments of a baby's life.  It's a time when the distance between heaven and earth seem nearly non existent.  They're almost in the same place at one time.  The first time you finally get to see the face of the little baby you've carried for 9 months... magic.  The look on the face of the daddy as his eyes fall so tenderly on the woman who gave him another baby... magic.  The look of satisfaction on mommy's face as she gazes from the hospital bed over to where her husband waits for the nurses to complete their monitoring of the baby, to scoop him up, and take him to his mommy... magic.  The first time the family comes to embrace the baby who has joined their family, adorned with smiles and giggles, and arms eager to hold and love the little baby they've been anticipating for so many months... it's all magic.

I'll let the video tell you the rest of the story.  But what a happy day this was!


  1. love you - thank you so much for this special gift. absolutely beautiful and I Love it.

  2. This is so incredibly beautiful! Finally had a second to sit down and watch...what a blessing! That doc was my ob with Ella!