Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tonya Joy Workshop Part I

This weekend I had the chance to participate in a workshop put on by my dear friend, and mentor Tonya.  Her work is  Her work is always flawless, and so full of emotion.  Her workshops always contain two fully stylized shoots dreamed up by she and her team (Stylists Katrina Kirk, and Vivian Tran).  The first shoot of the day was a fun editorial shoot playing off two gorgeous mimes depicting polar opposites.  Like everything Tonya does, it was perfection.  She was so generous with her time and knowledge, and made sure to take as much time as the participants needed to work with them and share all of her tricks and tips.  These were my faves from this shoot... I could have shot these girls all day!  Ashley and Cora you were WONDERFUL!


  1. Kelsy, this is Diane. I was at the Tonya joy workshop last Saturday. I sure had a great time. I have been peeking at your blog and photos, they are absolutely beautiful. you are very talented. just wanted to let you know I stopped by.
    best regards

  2. so so so beautiful! sorry it took me a few weeks to peek in...but your images look so amazing! really fabulous! Thank you so much for all your kind words and for helping out so much with the day!