Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tonya Joy Workshop Part II

The second shoot of the workshop is always the favorite.  Tonya scores a gorgeous couple and pours her heart, time, and talent into creating a dreamy, romantic shoot that always has everyone drooling.  This was no exception.  Sticking with her vintage circus theme, Crystal wore the perfect little hair accessory.  Crystal and Ryan were wonderful models brought to Tonya by Vivian Tran, who will be doing Crystal's make up when she and Ryan tie the knot in July.  These two were a dream to shoot!  Every shot was perfection, and Ryan was just oozing adoration for his sweet little bride to be.  Tonya did a beautiful job making sure everything was just right down to the earrings Crystal wore, or the embellishments on her shoes.  Tonya and her wonderful assistant extraordinaire, Kristina Kendig painted ladders, created the most gorgeous swing to hang from the trees, and an entire table scape that was utter perfection.  Ryan is sure a lucky guy to get to call Crystal his forever, and we were all lucky to have them as muses for the afternoon!

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  1. Yay!!! These turned out amazing... totally not surprised!!! Love the colors! Great Job! What Beauties too ;)