Friday, September 2, 2011

The Birth Story of Kade Mason

I thought if I finished the birth story, and let my thoughts have a little more time to form themselves that I would know what I wanted to say today.  Not the case.  I wish I could fine an eloquent way to convey the thoughts and emotions that were felt through the nearly 24 hour process, but this is the best I can do...

"There are thoughts which are prayers.  There are moments when, no matter the posture of the body, the soul is on its knees." 
-Victor Hugo

I would say that I will always remember the feeling in that room while Rachelle labored was a combination of willful persistence, and reverence. And in the moments right before Kade's birth, I will always remember the fear that I felt in the pit of my stomach when the nurses rushed in, and the quiet, reverent room became chaos.  

I will always remember them wheeling my best friend away and leaving her husband standing in the hall.  And then watching him turn back into the then empty room we had spent so many hours in, and falling to his knees in prayer.  I will never forget the tears that ran down his cheeks as he pleaded for the lives of his precious wife and unborn child.  That memory will stand as a testament to the power of faith in something bigger than ourselves... and a reminder that "ordinary miracles" happen every day.

The feeling of relief that came when I could hear that perfect, little newborn cry through the operating door... and the way my heart felt when we got to the other side, and could hold that sweet baby, and hug my sister in law, knowing they were safe...  There really aren't words for that.  

Rachelle keeps telling me she doesn't know how she can ever thank me enough for capturing this for them... I feel the same way.  This experience was incredible, and I loved every exciting, scary, confusing, amazing, wonderful second.  It's such a blessing to have people in my life that I love so much... and even more so to get to be around to love another little blessing from the very, very start...


  1. Awesome job Kelsey! That was beautiful!

  2. Thank you Kelsey. Thank you Heavenly Father. I love you Rachelle. I love you too Jared & Kade! I'm so grateful this story has a happy ending leading to a beautiful new beginning. I can't contain the feelings I felt while reading and watching this, so my eyes are leaking interfering with my vision to type....Just know that I add my own witness to the miraculous gift of life from our Father in Heaven. When I woke the morning after the evening of the scheduled induction I began praying even harder because things were still underway. I can't begin to imagine the grueling experience you've all been through. I am most thankful to know my beloved sister and her precious new son are here with us, and recovering well. Thinking of you, and loving you...xo xo xo